Tearing and drooping of the eyelids are common eye symptoms that increase with age.

We can offer surgical solutions from re-opening of blocked lacrimal passages (dacryocystorhinostomy) to enhancing eyelid positions and appearance (ptosis correction and blepharoplasty). Patients with thyroid eye disease or orbital tumours may also benefit from orbital surgery for decompression or tumour removal. Patients with twitching of the eyelids or facial muscles may also receive Botox injections at our centre. Our eye specialists are also skilled in the repair of orbital fractures after trauma, to correct double vision or sinking of the eyeball. We also operate on complex cases with unsalvageable vision due to severe infections, trauma, or tumours; such cases may require orbital reconstruction, removal of the eyeball contents (evisceration) or the entire eyeball (enucleation).

Oculoplastics and orbital diseases include problems of eye lids, lacrimal ducts (left: black arrow) and tissues in orbits (right: white arrow), etc.